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Get started at an award-winning health system! This page contains information and links to documents and websites that you may need during your onboarding process. There are still a number of things you must do in order to complete the pre-appointment process. Please make a note of all dates and deadlines. Failure to do so could result in a delay in your ability to start your training.


Step 1 – Review and Complete New Hire Tasks

Now is the time to finish your onboarding tasks, including some forms which need to be electronically signed (with your e-mail address). To see what’s outstanding and what you need to complete, access the site. Log in with your User Name (your email address) and your Password (“ns” followed by the LAST 4 digits of your primary phone number – e.g., ns1234)

Step 2 – Review and Submit All Documents

The Office of Academic Affairs/Medical Education Office will contact you over the next several weeks to inform you of final schedules and/or pending documents. You will receive a call or an email from Corporate Human Resources sometime in the Spring to schedule time to complete additional mandatory requirements. In the meantime, please review the information below to see what is expected of you.

Your signed contract and completed application documents must be submitted electronically to the Office of Academic Affairs/Medical Education Office in order for you to start your training.

You must provide your program with a copy of your diploma and final transcript from your medical school prior to commencing your training.

All international trainees, seeking the H-1B or J-1 Visa, should have already submitted a Visa application to the Office of Academic Affairs/Medical Education Office. International Medical Graduates, who HAVE NOT filed an application for the H-1B or J-1 Visa, must contact Marie Toto, GME Manager, or Venice VanHuse, Director of Graduate Medical Education, immediately to start the Visa application process. For Staten Island University Hospital Residents/Fellows, please submit your H1-B Visa information to your Program Directors and your J1 Visa information to Amy Lefkovic in the Department of Academic Affairs. You will not be allowed to commence your training if you do not have a current and valid Visa and/or work permit.

The House Staff appointment process is not final until all forms are completed and returned to your program, the Office of Academic Affairs/Medical Education Office, EHS and HR. All documents must be submitted no later than June 1st. Failure to submit all required documentation will delay the start of your training.

Talent Acquisition will call you to schedule your processing and medical clearance appointments with Employee Health Service (EHS). At your processing appointment, you will be fingerprinted and photographed for your ID Badge. Please dress professionally and bring proper I9 documentation. If you are unsure of what documents to bring, please visit We require either a list A document, or both a list B & C document. All documents provided must be originals that are not expired. Please note that if the name on your document(s) does not match you current name please bring paperwork to support the name change such as a marriage license.

Step 3 – Review your Medical Clearance Requirements

To ensure that your medical clearance is not delayed and you may start work on your intended start date, please review the Employee Health Services Medical Clearance Requirements document

Please note: If you currently reside within the U.S., you are required to have your blood drawn and drug screening completed at LabCorp before your scheduled Employee Health Services appointment. Please plan accordingly.

Step 4 – Complete Mandatory Orientations – Online and In-Person

You must complete an online orientation to satisfy compliance and other regulatory requirements. This online tutorial may take you anywhere from two to three hours so please set aside enough time. To access the orientation, go to Northwell Health’s Online Orientation. Your login is your first and last name, and your “Candidate ID Number” is your first and last name, typed with no spaces. Please be sure to use Internet Explorer as your web browser while completing the orientation as other web browsers may not work properly.

You also must complete an in-person Resident and Fellows Orientation which is a required event that will welcome you to the organization, allow you to engage with leadership, and get your questions answered. You will receive a formal notice from the Office of Academic Affairs in the coming weeks. Please note that residents and fellows will also be required to attend a departmental/on-site orientation (please check with your program coordinator for the day, time and location).


Step 1 – Get your Northwell Health Universal ID & Password

You will need to obtain a Northwell Health Universal ID and Password that you can use to access several work-related applications such as Employee Self Service, Outlook email, the employee Intranet and many other clinical applications. Your access to your Universal ID and Password will not be available until 48 hours after you have completed all online paperwork.

Step 2 – Enroll in Employee Self Service

Once you have your Universal ID & Password, you need to register for Employee Self Service – Northwell Health’s secure and user-friendly tool that provides online “anytime, anywhere” access to your pay statements, personal information, benefits and email. You can register and login to Employee Self Service from any computer with Internet access. Please register immediately.

Instructions to register for Employee Self Service:

  1. Go to: mySelfService
  2. Enter your Northwell Health Universal ID & Password 
  3. Enter your ESS (Employee Self Service) key, which is initially set to “ns” plus the last four digits of your social security number (for example, ns1234). After your initial registration with that key, you will be prompted to change your ESS Key. View detailed step-by-step ESS instructions.

Step 3 – Register for Direct Deposit *This task must be completed from a Northwell Health computer.*

Please Note: This task must be completed from a Northwell Health computer. On your start date, you will have access to Direct Deposit. To enroll in Direct Deposit, you need to provide your bank name, account number(s) and bank routing number. Have this information handy before you enroll. If you need assistance locating this information, contact your bank.

  1. Login to Employee Self Service
  2. From the Employee Self Service Portal, select “Personal Information.
  3. Click on the “Payroll and Compensation” tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  4. Click on the “Direct Deposit” link.
  5. Follow the rest of the steps to enroll in Direct Deposit.

View detailed step-by-step Direct Deposit instructions. *Note: You will not be able to access Direct Deposit until your actual start date.

Direct Deposit Disclaimer: Through Direct Deposit, your pay will be automatically deposited into your account on time, every pay period, at no cost to you. It is recommended that you enroll in Direct Deposit through your own bank account. If you do not currently have a bank account and cannot enroll in Direct Deposit, your pay will be automatically deposited into a Bank of America CashPay account. You will receive a Visa Debit Card by mail that you may use to access the funds. You have the option of splitting your deposit into up to three bank accounts, with a minimum of $100 deposit per account. If you do not enroll in Direct Deposit, you will be issued a CashPay account and will receive a card by mail.

Step 4 – Complete Tax Information Forms

All Northwell Health employees are required to submit their tax forms electronically. Please submit the required tax forms through Employee Self Service immediately. Please note: you will not have access to your tax forms until after you are officially hired.

Instructions to Submit Tax Information Forms

  1. Login to Employee Self Service
  2. From the Employee Self Service Portal, select “Personal Information.”
  3. Click on the “Payroll and Compensation” tab on the left hand side of the screen. Click on the Tax Information link.
  4. Follow the rest of the steps to submit your required tax forms.

View detailed step-by-step instructions.
View Tax Information FAQs.

Step 5 – Review Your Benefits Package Prior to Your Orientation

Representatives from HR and the Benefits Office will be available at orientation to answer all of your questions. You can learn more about your benefits on our Working Here page.

In order to enroll in coverage under Northwell Health benefits plan, there are a few steps you will need to complete, including:

  1. Review this benefits resource guide which will be provided to you to become familiar with our plans and programs. 
  2. To enroll in benefits, please choose your benefits elections within 30 days of your hire date. You can enroll in benefits through our Employee Self Service (ESS) online enrollment system:
    1. Login to Employee Self Service 
    2. From the Employee Self Service Portal, select “Personal Information”
    3. Click on the Self Service menu
    4. Click on the “Benefits” tab
    5. Click on “Benefits Enrollment”
    6. Follow the rest of the steps to enroll in your health benefits

Once you enroll, your health benefits will be processed and expedited to ensure that you will have coverage effective on your first day of employment. You will receive your medical and prescription plan ID cards within a few weeks’ time. In the event you have questions about your health benefits; please do not hesitate to contact our Human Resources Service Center at 516-734-7000.


Login to Northwell Health Outlook Email

As part of our efforts to “go green” and make life more convenient for you, all employees are provided with a work email account. You’ll want to be sure to regularly check your email for health system news, messages from CEO Michael Dowling, events, employee discounts and much more.

Instructions to access Email

  1. Login to Employee Self Service
  2. Click on Email on the left side of the screen 
  3. You will then be taken to your Northwell Health mailbox through Outlook where you can send and receive emails. You can also look up Northwell Health employees, view their contact information, and schedule meetings with your co-workers.

View detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use Outlook email

Instructions to use Outlook Calendar, including scheduling meetings

  1. Login to Employee Self Service
  2. Click on Email 
  3. You will then be taken to your Northwell Health mailbox through Outlook
  4. Click on Calendar on the left hand side of the screen
  5. Follow the instructions outlined in the Outlook Guide to use this function, including scheduling meetings

Visit the Employee Intranet

Use this internal website to “stay in the know” about the health system, with links to the latest news and events. Click on CEO Corner, to read the latest messages from President and CEO Michael Dowling. Explore the newest feature on the Intranet, the Northwell Health Medical Group faculty directory, allowing you to search for physicians associated with the health system. You can also place any Information Services requests by creating a ticket in the Help Desk section of the site. There are many useful features for you to discover throughout this entire site.

Instructions to access the Intranet

  1. Access the Intranet from any computer within the health system. Use your Universal ID and Password to log in.
  2. You can also access the Intranet from a personal computer by going to and selecting the Employee intranet button in the lower right corner. Use your Universal ID and Password to log in.

Find Colleagues with Similar Interests

Connect and grow with colleagues who share common interests, backgrounds and cultures! Visit our Diversity & Inclusion website to learn about Northwell Health’s Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs)—a program that offers you the opportunity to find a group of colleagues who share your interests. Discover more about VALOR (Veterans and Allies: Liasons of Reintegration) BERG, and join fellow employees who have a vested interest in military and veteran’s affairs. Stay tuned for more BERGs coming in the future.

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